Minds Ecliptic Background

Our Innovations

Discover how Minds Ecliptic uses advanced technology to transform mental health monitoring and support.

Speech Analysis
AI-Driven Speech Analysis

Utilizing cutting-edge AI to analyze speech patterns and detect emotional and mental health states from natural conversation.

Data Privacy
Data Privacy and Security

Ensuring utmost confidentiality with advanced security measures, protecting all user data from unauthorized access.

Real-Time Insights
Real-Time Health Insights

Providing immediate feedback and insights through continuous monitoring, enabling timely interventions and support.

Our Services

Explore the dynamic insights provided by MindsEcliptic, designed to enhance workplace mental health through intuitive data visualization and feedback analysis.

Decision Making

Visual representation of metrics such as stress levels, mood fluctuations, and overall well-being, allowing managers to make informed decisions to foster a healthier work environment.

Insight Providing

Interactive graphs that track and analyze trends in employee mental health over time. Utilize these insights to identify patterns, monitor improvements, or address areas needing attention within your organization.

Mental Health App

Our app provides real-time insights into stress levels, mood fluctuations, and overall well-being, empowering users to manage their mental health effectively.

About Us

At Minds Ecliptic, we are dedicated to improving mental wellness through innovative technology and compassionate care.

Minds Ecliptic Team

Who We Are

Minds Ecliptic is a tech-driven mental health startup that utilizes AI and natural language processing to analyze speech for early detection of mental health issues.

Our solutions are designed to support individuals in managing their mental health effectively, ensuring privacy and accessibility for all users.

Why Choose Us

Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology

Our platform uses the latest AI and NLP technologies to analyze speech patterns, enabling early detection and ongoing monitoring of mental health conditions in a non-intrusive way.

Privacy First
Privacy First

We prioritize user privacy with end-to-end encryption and anonymous data processing, ensuring that all personal information and health data remain confidential.

User-Centric Design
User-Centric Design

Our app is designed with the user in mind, offering a friendly interface, customizable features, and accessible support to ensure ease of use and engagement.

Our Team

Mostafa Dashti
MSc. Mostafa Dashti

Lead Developer and Co-founder

Naghme Dashti
PhD. Naghme Dashti

Data Analyst and Co-founder

Seyed Hamid Reza Sanei
PhD. Hamid Reza Sanei

Signal Processing Specialist and Co-founder

Dr. Hannah Marie Goddard
Dr. Hannah Marie Goddard

Psychiatrist and Co-founder

About Us

Minds Ecliptic is dedicated to revolutionizing mental health management through innovative AI-driven technologies.

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